American Roulette Wheel Peculiarities

In French roulette there are additional bets: voisins du zéro, jeu zéro, le tiers du cylindre, orphelins.

There are many people today who use gambling as a way of relaxing and get excited at the same time. In most of these cases the players only go for the simple games leaving out the complicated ones. One of the most common games due to their simplicity is the American roulette which uses a wheel. This game originated from Europe in the 18th century but has become very famous in different parts of the world today. The game has developed and changed significantly during its existence. The American roulette wheel started getting popular in the late 18th century where it was a bit modified compared to the previous version of the game. The game became more profitable to the casinos given that an additional zero was added to the wheel and this thereby changed the number sequence in the wheel. This meant that the American roulette wheel had 36 numbers slots together with 2 zero slots namely a single zero (0) and a double zero (00). The previous version of roulette wheel only had the single zero slot. The American roulette wheel was also designed in such a manner that the numbers were in pairs opposite to each other which is different from the European roulette wheel where the numbers were placed in a random order. The American roulette wheel also had a higher house edge that was set at 5.26% and this made the game even more challenging and at the same time more profitable to the casino owners. The American roulette wheel also added the American eagle sign also known as the American liberty to it. The American roulette wheel is practical in use where players are allowed to place bets which are divided into two namely inside bets and outside bets. The odds of the American roulette wheel are also a bit lower when compared to those of the European roulette and this is all due to the high house edge. The best strategy that players can use when playing this game is taking advantage of the positioning of numbers.

Common Bets in American Roulette

  • Straight bets – this is where a player places a chip on one number you have decided on. This is also called a single bet.
  • Split – this is where a player places a chip in between two adjoining numbers which can either be vertically or horizontally.
  • Street – this is where a player places a bet on three numbers which are supposed to be on one horizontal line. The chip is supposed to be placed on the edge of the line that is at the end of a line that they wish to bet on and this can either be right or left depending on the layout and position at the roulette table.
  • Corner – this is where a player bets on a square layout by placing the chip at the intersection of a vertical and horizontal line that are located between four numbers for example 11-12-14-15. This is also referred to as a square bet.
  • Six line – this is where a player places a bet at a corresponding intersection of two adjoining streets. This is also referred to as Double Street.