Cheat Roulette with Biased Roulette Wheel

Roulette is one of the gambling games which does not require special abilities or knowledge of the game system. It is a game of chance, which can either benefit you or not.

The roulette game is quite popular today and as it is the norm with popular things, people tend to come up with ways of undoing the good that has been done. The roulette is supposed to be a way that people can enjoy themselves but there are players out there who are only out to get more money from the game rather than enjoy themselves.


There were significant number of winnings that was identified in the early 1980’s where roulette players were able to exploit the mechanical tendencies of the roulette wheels that were being used in English casinos. Biased roulette wheels were also reported to be the main cause when a team of players took the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City for nearly $4 million. These incidences have caused many players to start looking for reliable roulette wheel bias in order to have an advantage on the casino.

Causes of Roulette Wheel bias

The roulette is mechanically designed unlike slot machines that are mostly controlled using microprocessors. The roulette wheels are usually in wood, metal and synthetics and thereby endure wear and tear after a period of time. This will include the frets that separate the numbers, the track where the wheel is supposed to spin also develops inconsistencies and the wheel itself starts tilting slightly. All these scenarios create a roulette wheel bias. The bias in any roulette wheel usually exposes the casino to savvy players who track these things. Most of the players who track these biases usually study the wheel for many spins and be able to pinpoint the tendencies which they will later use for improving their odds against the casino. For example a tilt increases the odds of a ball landing one specific number on one section of a wheel and this will mean that a player who uses this strategy will bet to take advantage of this. Due to the fact that this cheating technique is based on the mechanical parts of the roulette wheel the online roulette version cannot be used to execute this cheating technique. It is however important to know that even though this is a cheating technique there are very few players who will spend their time and money trying to detect these faults so at the end of the day most players will bet randomly even if there is a fault and this will mean that the casinos will not be losing unfairly after all. Most casinos today have systems that are set up to immediately detect the smallest of faults in their roulette machines which will mean that players who may be studying it will have little time to identify the fault because the casinos will repair the faults immediately they are detected.