How to Win at Roulette - Tips and Tricks

Forget about all myths - Make use of facts and strategies when learning how to win at roulette.

The main thing you have to remember playing roulette is that it is the game of chance. Using of tips, rules and recommendations may reduce house edge but still no one can tell you how many chances out of 100 you really have. You either win or lose.

People who played roulette for a long time know, that there are plenty variants of the game result. Some may win a lot of money using strategies, which prevent them from risking all the money they have, some bet on huge sum of money and win after the first round, some try their luck, but lose everything.

During centuries people struggled to reveal the secret of roulette. A lot of myths and legends appeared and a lot of players believe that they are true facts. If you want to learn how to win at roulette you should not be ruled by untruthful stories which can affect you decision.

All the casinos have one and the same type of roulette wheel

There are two different types of the roulette wheel – the American one and the European one. The American wheel has double zero pocket which increases house edge.

Advanced player can predict the results of the game

As roulette is the game of luck, no one can predict the results of game.

Croupier decides where the ball will spin

The spin of the ball is absolutely random and the dealer can not influence its spinning.

Bet on “sleeping numbers”

If one of the numbers hasn’t won for a some period of time, players call it “sleeping number”. These numbers have the same chances to win as the others.

The more money you bet – the more you win

There is the other side of this saying: the more money you bet – the more you lose


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The most successful players

Joseph Jagger


Using biased wheel he won more that 300 000? at roulette during several days.

William Darnborough


Won more that 500 000$ in Monaco.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo


Won 1 000 000$

Charles Wells


Won more than 1 000 000 francs in Monte Carlo.

Ashley Revell


Won 270 600$ betting on red all his money (135 300$)

In order to have advantage in roulette the player must know the roulette rules and understand how to use roulette tips. Follow our recommendations on how to win at roulette.

  • Play European roulette
  • Remember about En Prison and La Partage rules
  • Bet only that some of money you are ready to lose
  • Use roulette strategies to increase your chances
  • Buy special chips for playing roulette
  • Outside bets have more chances to win that inside
  • Practice roulette games online

As roulette is one of the most popular gambling games there are a lot of different approaches how to play it. The most difficult task for the beginner is to understand which pieces of information are reliable and which are not.