Joe Jagger's Story

Roulette is one of the gambling games which does not require special abilities or knowledge of the game system. It is a game of chance, which can either benefit you or not.

Joe Jagger is one of the most famous people associated with the game of roulette. There have been many people who have played the game of roulette and won but there are not many who have the popularity as the one that Joe Jagger enjoys up until this day. Joe Jagger is one of the many players who have become wealthy just by playing this exciting and rewarding game. Joe was an ordinary British engineer when he first won his major roulette game. He was born in Yorkshire, England in the year 1830 and was always fascinated with the roulette game from an early age. Joe was previously working in the cotton industry and this is where his interest in the mechanics of machines was enhanced. He took special interest with the mechanics of the roulette wheel while working in the cotton industry.

As he was trying to make sense of these mechanics Joe always believed that the spinning wheels were not based on a random process and so this meant that each roulette machine must have a loop hole or an imperfection that caused more numbers to pop up more frequently as compared to other numbers. This he thought will give him advantages over the casino thereby make him win big money. In order to support this theory, Joe recruited 6 individuals for recording the spinning of the wheel and this was in Monte Carlo at the famous Beaux-Arts casino. These individuals were each given a roulette wheel and after several attempts Joe proved his theory that there are some specific numbers that popped up on a regular basis. With this, he went to the casinos and instantly won 60,000 pounds.

After he revealed his secret, people started imitating him and this caused many casinos to lose that and forced them to reset their biased roulette wheels. Joe did not stop there also as he proved to be smart when he researched and found out that the new wheels had a tiny scratch and used this to win several games which was estimated to be around 2 million French francs. Joe’s major winning however was when he won a fortune at Monte Carlo which was something many players only dreamed of. The actions of Joe made a lot of people to start researching on the roulette wheels but only he was smart enough to find the shortcomings of different machines to be able to use them to his advantage and make more money than any other roulette player could have managed to. There are many famous roulette players today that have won as much as Joe Jagger may have won but credit goes to him for seeing things that many people cannot see and most importantly use the to his advantage.