How to Play Roulette Online

For some people, an online casino feels like something very foreign and strange if they’re not used to using a computer, but those that have used online casinos for a while will be able to tell you how easy it is to play roulette online at Before actually playing or even making an account you should browse a list of available casinos and check which one is best suited to your needs. Some will offer very profitable bonuses while others might have numerous games that you can play – it is important you find a good balance between the two so that you can ensure you have an entertaining experience for yourself while also being able to get some extra cash to play with. When you’ve registered your account at the casino you’ve picked you might be prompted to make a deposit which will usually also earn you a free cash bonus depending on how much money you invest. As soon as you have some money in your account you just have to select the game, press the button and you can play roulette online. You can even play roulette online for free at select casinos just to kill some time. If virtual roulette just doesn’t feel quite right to you then we suggest trying out a live roulette game which is an extremely immersive variant of online roulette. You can spectate these games for free or you can even participate as a player. A live roulette game is essentially a video stream of an actual roulette game that is played live at a casino with real dealers so it’s like you’re actually there and participating in the game. The rules of online roulette are the same as those for classic land-based roulette and you may also pick between the American and European version which are also very similar to each other, except American roulette has a higher house edge meaning that you are less likely to make a profit. You are able to make several types of bets and the main two bet categories are inside and outside bets. Outside bets are all those bets that aren’t made on a specific number or set of numbers – for example when you bet on the colored section of the wheel rather than a number. There are also specific types of inside bets that you can make, for example when you wager on several numbers at once, but this will also reduce the amount of money that you will win if the ball drops in one of the appropriately numbered sections.

Casino Software and roulette videos

To give their players an even better experience while using their games, casinos will let you download their programs and games directly onto your computer. These programs are also available in the shape of portable mobile apps.