Role of the Roulette Ball

Roulette is one of the gambling games which does not require special abilities or knowledge of the game system. It is a game of chance, which can either benefit you or not.

The game of roulette would not be what it is without the equipments that are used in the game. A roulette ball is one of he equipments that make the game what it is and that is why players need to know everything about the roulette. There are many materials that the roulette ball can be made from and this will include plastic, metal, metals coated with plastic, teflon, ivoret and ivory among many other types of materials. The roulette balls also come in different weights and this will depend on the casino the player is going to play at as there are casinos that have the 1.6 ounces ball and some have the 2.1 ounces ball.

The Magnetic Roulette Ball

This is probably one of the most popular roulette balls found in our casinos today. This ball had been really scoffed at by many casino bosses due to the fact that the magnet that was put inside of the nylon or acetate ball. Most of these bosses did not really think that this was possible. Their reasoning was understood given that no one really knew how the casino ball would be opened up to accommodate the magnet without make it bias. In the initial stages the magnet used to weigh as much as 25 pounds, 4 inches wide, 10 inches long and ¾ of an inch thick. This however made he ball come up with suspicious results and at the same time it was tiresome for the dealers who had to stand all day and at the same time handle the ball every now and then. The magnet was then modified in that a leatherette cover as made for the magnet on a leg which had a loop at the top such that a thin belt would be able to pass through it. This however did not make any significant changes as the casino bosses were unable to hold it in place. It is for this reason that a strap was made to support the ball where dealers had it under their arms.

Today different casinos have come up with different methods and materials of making casino roulette balls so it is important to do some research on the various casinos available to you to find out if the balls have any issues. It is however important to keep in mind that casinos in most counties are regulated by an independent body and this means that all their equipments must first be inspected and cleared to ensure they provide a level play field to the all the players as well as the owner of the casino. This means that any cleared casino has been able to prove that their roulette ball is not biased and thereby players should always be free and comfortable when playing from this casino.