Roulette Games and Variations


In French roulette there are additional bets: voisins du zéro, jeu zéro, le tiers du cylindre, orphelins.

Being one of the most popular games, roulette is always available in all the casinos. There are a lot of people who are considered to be professional at this game, but also there are those who do not use strategies for win and just rely upon their luck.

Roulette allows you to win big sums of money without efforts and if you are ready to do it you should be aware what roulette is about.


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Roulette rules basics

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If you just start to play roulette game you have to remember, that it is a gambling game which have its own strategies and recommendations. First thing you have to remember is that roulette has three variations: American, European and French. Make sure that you understand the differences among them.

While making decision what variation of roulette game to play do not forget that American roulette has double zero pocket which increases house edge. French roulette has rules of In Prison and La Partage which can help you to save you bet in case you win.

There are two types of bets at roulette – outside and inside one. You may choose any bet you want according to your requests or desires.

The main tools to play roulette are the roulette ball, roulette table with the layout and wheel, marker which are also called dollies, roulette chips and chip rack.

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Roulette strategies

Though roulette is a game of luck, there are some strategies which may help you to be successful in this game. You may choose that one, which you like and which will be more beneficial for you.

  • Martingale Betting System
  • Labouchere Betting System
  • D'Alembert Betting System
  • Cheating methods:
    • Biased wheel
    • Pastposting
    • Top Hatting
    • Ball tripping
    • Wheel Tampering
    • Laser scam

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Roulette tips

Play European variation of the game

Prefer outside bets

Use roulette strategies

Practice roulette online

Set your wager limits

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If you want to master you knowledge of roulette game you should use some tips and recommendation which help you to become an advanced player.


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