How Much the Roulette Pays

The roulette game looks a bit complex for new players due to its layout as well as its payout system. However, new players can easily conduct thorough researches to ensure that they understand this game and this will not take too much time. The roulette table consists of various numbers which will include inside and outside numbers with different numbers as well as combinations of numbers having different payouts. All these numbers are coloured and they can either be in red or black and there is also a number “0” that is usually in green. Depending on the roulette table, there can either be only the “0” or a “0” together with a “00” and both of these zeros are always in green. Players are allowed to make different types of bets and each bet has its own roulette payout that determines how much a player will be receiving from their bets. It is important for players to familiarize themselves with the roulette bets along with their payouts and odds in order to get a clear understanding of the game.

How to Identify a Bets Payout

The first thing a player need to do is to the relation of the type of bet with the corresponding payout that a player is entitled to using their bets. In order to learn this, players will need to refer to the roulette table. Roulette table consists of two different areas namely the inside layout and the outside layout.

  • Inside Bets

When a player bets on the inside part of the roulette table layout they will be able to place bets on single numbers that is usually referred to as a straight bet which gives the player a payout in the ratio of 35:1. This basically means that if a player places a $1 straight bet they will be able to win the a value of $35. Players are also allowed to place different types of bets in the inside layout of the table. For example players are allowed to place a bet on two numbers which gives them a payout in the ratio of 17:1, a bet on three numbers will give out a payout in the ratio of 11:1, a bet on four numbers will pay in the ratio of 8:1 and a bet on six numbers will payout in the ration of 5:1. A bet on five numbers is only allowed in the American roulette variation of the game since players are allowed to bet on additional double zero slot that is only present on the American roulette wheel. The payout in five numbers is always in the ratio of 6:1.

  • Outside Bets

When a player places a bet on the outside layout of the table they will be eligible for a payout in the ratio of 1:1. Here bets can be placed on even or odd numbers or based on the colours of the numbers.