Biased Roulette - Way to Beat the Casino

Roulette is one of the gambling games which does not require special abilities or knowledge of the game system. It is a game of chance, which can either benefit you or not.

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino that players and gamblers love. Roulette offers great enjoyment for the players because of its dazzling game mechanics and the big amount of prizes that awaits the winners as well. When a player is trying to search for his luck upon winning in the roulette, a very common issue may appear – the biased roulette.

The imperfect wheel

In any casinos with roulette wheels, imperfection is always there. The roulette wheel might have several minor damage or flaws such as small defects from the manufacturing processes, installation in the casino, or maybe due to its age that made it weary and teary. These defects might be a minor error only, but this would cause a lot to the casino. Through these defects, pockets would be imbalanced and some pockets would be likely get more hits than the others. Because of this, the wheel would be a biased.

The secret cheat

When the imperfections occur in the roulette wheel, the landing of the ball that determines the winners would not be accurate. The ball might land more on a specific numbers because of the defect of the wheel. When a smart player notices it, this may become a chance for him to have more winnings.

Effects of the biased roulette wheel

There might be no big effects on the casino to have a biased roulette wheel biased, if only players do not know about that or were not aware of that. The problem for the casino arises when a player recognizes the biased and will take advantage on it. Upon having the knowledge on the biased wheel, the player would probably have the chance to bet on the pockets that usually wins. He would have the biggest chance to win all the allotted money on that roulette table. A bigger problem is that when a group of gamblers notice that biased. They will be betting on that same pockets and win more. Because of this effect, the casino really needs to fix their roulette table regularly for a fair game.

Maintaining a biased-free roulette wheels

It was hard to find out whether a roulette wheel is biased or not. Both the casino and the players have the chance to find that out. Of course, the casino needs to prevent the wheel biases because they would be one to suffer the consequences from it.

Just like everything in life, wheel of the roulette normally becomes weary because of its usage and might have the tendency to break down. Even though this is a normal thing and might have no any way be permanently prevented, the casino can be able to minimize these biases by having proper handling and maintenance.

The prevention of having bias starts upon installation. Precautions are needed to be done carefully to make sure that wheels are random and fair. Full attention should be given on leveling the table because a little degree gained will result to imperfection.

Biased wheel on online casinos

There are also biases occur in online roulettes. But this issue is easier to solve than typical live roulette biased. There are software that can detect and prevent these biases on online roulette.