Charles Wells

Roulette is one of the gambling games which does not require special abilities or knowledge of the game system. It is a game of chance, which can either benefit you or not.

Charles Wells is one of the most popular casino roulette gambler of all time. Charles was a native townsman in the East side of London born in 1841. Charles is famous for breaking the bank at Monte Carlo. This man became so famous that whenever people spotted him they would play the song ‘The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo’ by Fred Gilbert. Charles became famous when he was playing roulette at a casino in Monte Carlo and managed to break the bank 12 times where he spent only 4000 pounds and got back 1 million francs and all this he did by only playing for 11 hours.

Charles had always wanted to be wealthy since his childhood and this is one of the reasons why he always pretended to be a great inventor. Although most of these inventions were pretence, he took credits for them and always took the money that came with these inventions to the casino to play his favorite game which was the roulette. One of the most famous inventions credited to Charles wells is the “musical jump rope” which he used to tell his creditors in order to obtain a loan from them but the invention didn’t really exist. “Breaking the bank” is a term that is used in casinos that is a translation from French written as “sauter la banque” whose literal translation is to blow up the bank. This term basically refers to a situation where a player requires more chips to be brought to the roulette table.

Charles Wells has so far broken the bank 6 times in his life and he has also made 5 consecutive winning bets on the number 5. The first time he broke the bank was in the year 1892 which he also did in Monte Carlo. The first time it took him 3 days to win a million francs. Although this was a lot of money then, Charles continued gambling but the winnings disappeared and he ended up losing all his money. Charles Wells encountered a lot of difficulties soon after he started losing and one of the most difficult times in Charles life was when he was imprisoned in Le Harve for 8 years. When he got released from prison he changed his lastname to Davenport which he now started using in the casinos but he was rearrested and imprisoned for another 3 years.

Charles Wells Strategy

When Charles started winning, casinos hired detectives to find out the roulette system he was using to beat the casinos but the detectives never found anything tangible. Charles always said that he had a lucky streak but it was later to be found out that he was using the Martingale system when placing bets. Charles became so famous that people usually went to casinos he usually played at to watch him play.