Famous Roulette Gamblers

Roulette is one of the gambling games which does not require special abilities or knowledge of the game system. It is a game of chance, which can either benefit you or not.

The game of roulette is highly popular game today in all parts of the world. Most of the casinos provide this game and this is due to the exciting feeling the game provides as well as the high winnings that players are able to win. The game was first discovered in the 17th century and this means that the game has been played for a very long time now. Due to the number of years that this game has been in existence, it has produced many winners. It is important to get familiar with various winners of this game as they are some of the famous roulette players. Getting familiar with these individuals may provide you with tips that may increase your chance of winning in every game. Pioneers of this game are also among the famous roulette players even though they didn’t win as much money as many would like to believe. Other famous roulette players are those that were able to beat the house of a specific casino by finding intriguing ways of playing this game.

Joseph Jaggers is one of the famous roulette players as he managed to beat the casinos while playing roulette in Monte Carlo. This gentleman is said to have won an accumulated amount of 1million francs in just 11 hours where he won 5 consecutive games.

William Darnborough is regarded as a famous roulette player since he is credited with being the first American player who figured out the areas where the balls will be dropping in a systematic manner. This resulted in William winning frequently even though the winnings were not that big.

Edward O. Thorp and Claude E. Shannon are also famous roulette players who used microcomputers that they hid in a packet of cigarettes to become successful in this game.

The Eudaemons group a Californian team made up of physics students are also famous roulette players as they are credited with creation of a small computer that they hid in a shoe to improve their winning chances.

Scott Lang is also a famous roulette player who went as far as writing a book that that taught people how to win roulette games using a stopwatch.

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo is also another famous roulette player due to his high winnings in the game where he bagged $1 million in 1990.

Richard Jarecki is also a famous roulette player due to his ability of taking advantage of bias roulette wheels.

Charles Wells is another famous roulette player and has come to be referred to as the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo where he won millions. He however played all the money he had won and lost it all and was also arrested a couple of times.

Ashley Revell has beaten the roulette in an extraordinary way. In 2004 Ashley sold all his belongings in order to play the game and double his money and true to his word he actually won and this made him a star overnight in his country and town London.